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MCTS is changing the way you pay! Starting March 1, Umo app users can load stored value (or "cash") into their Umo wallets and get the perks of WisGo before the full launch April 1.



Our community initiatives highlight the role of public transportation in providing access to safety, freedom and opportunity for all residents. 

Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention 

Human trafficking happens all around us, every day of the year. Public transportation, including train and air travel, are often used to deliver people to customers. From bus shelter ads to training for bus operators, MCTS is working with several local groups and organizations to bring more awareness of this issue. 

Teen Ridership Initiative 

MCTS’s Teen Ridership Initiative aims to engage and encourage Milwaukee County’s young people, ages 14 to 18, to have a voice in how public transportation impacts them and their daily travel needs. Learn how you can be part of our Transit Teen Advisory Board here