Travel Training

Our Travel Training Program helps seniors and people with disabilities ride the bus safely and independently through complimentary travel training and useful tools.

Community Outreach

Mobility Management staff will come out to your location (e.g., school, organization, senior center or residence, etc.) to present information on transportation, at no cost to your organization.


Freedom on Wheels Program

Freedom on Wheels is a two-part presentation for groups of individuals that would like a comprehensive introduction to how to ride the bus:

  • Part One is a classroom type setting, focusing on transportation options, acceptable fare forms, proper bus etiquette rules, safety concerns and trip planning using the Ride MCTS website and Umo app.
  • Part Two consists of participants taking a tour of an MCTS bus, followed by a short bus ride to enhance the hands-on-feel of riding the bus and practicing what was discussed in the classroom.

** The Freedom on Wheels Presentation can be tailored to each organization's specific needs **

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Resource Fairs/Info Booths

Mobility Management staff will attend resource fairs and host an information booth to hand out materials and answer questions relating to transportation.


One-on-One Travel Training

Travel Training is your ticket to transit freedom! The Mobility Management team provides FREE travel training to anyone interested in learning how to ride the bus. Anyone can take advantage of this program, regardless of bus experience. Our travel trainers can help you to become more independent and comfortable riding the bus.

Please note: MCTS Travel Trainers are not Orientation and Mobility Specialists. Riders who are in need of O&M services will be referred to other community resources.

Services include:

  • Planning a bus trip
  • Reading a bus schedule and obtaining real-time info using the Ride MCTS website and Umo app
  • Selecting the best fare option and using it correctly on the bus
  • Getting to and from bus stops & practicing safe pedestrian skills
  • Transferring between buses
  • Boarding using a mobility device
  • Practicing proper bus etiquette and safe riding skills


Training begins by participants scheduling a meeting with a Travel Trainer to exchange information and develop a plan to meet their bus traveling needs.

Individualized instruction continues on a regular basis until participants feel confident in their ability and can demonstrate independence using public transit.


If you are interested in learning more about the Travel Training program, or to set up a meeting, please call one of our Trainers at 414-343-1711.

Mobility Device Securement Training Sessions

If you are new to using a wheelchair or scooter and are interested in learning how to ride the bus with your device, MCTS offers a low stress training opportunity for you. Events are open house style and are hosted at the MCTS administration building or other agencies in the community upon request.

Trip Assistance

Having trouble getting where you want to go? Let us help. We will explain your transportation options and connect you with our community partners.

Removing Barriers

Making Transit More Accessible

Let us know if you experience a barrier in the public right-of-way that makes it difficult to access the bus system.

Aira App Pilot Program

Aira is a smartphone app that allows users who are blind or low vision to receive free, one-on-one assistance using the Milwaukee County Transit System. Learn more here.

Want to Learn More?

If you or your organization are interested in learning more about the Travel Training program, contact one of our staff by calling 414-937-3256 or 711 (TRS).


Up to 80% of the cost of the Mobility Management Program is expected to be covered by Federal Funds, provided by the Federal Transit Administration under 49 USC 5310/(CFDA20.521).