MCTS Excellence

For every employee of the Milwaukee County Transit System, MCTS Excellence is more than just a saying, it is a way of life. 

Each year MCTS employees receive hundreds of commendations. MCTS management is proud of the great work of employees and every employee receives a formal letter of recognition for each commendation. This webpage highlights some of these big and small acts of kindness.

We want to hear your stories of MCTS Excellence. If you see someone practicing MCTS Excellence, please let us know by filing a commendation for that person.

Check back here often because we will keep sharing new stories of MCTS Excellence.

Driver Slams on Brakes to Save Child

Jermaine Richmond's quick reaction likely saved a child's life.

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I do firmly believe that MCTS has the best all-around transit app in the history of transit apps. It beats Ventra, Metro, every other app! Great work MCTS - keep it up!

Driver Praised for Helping Blind Rider Across Busy Street

"That was brilliant. Well done!"

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MCTS Driver Helps Stressed Family Carry Groceries

Driver Tiffany Rowsey brightened a stressed family’s day when she got out of her bus, ran down the block, crossed a busy street and helped a woman and kids carry groceries.

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MCTS Driver Finds Lost 2-Year-Old Girl in Street

A scared, lost little girl finds help on an MCTS bus.

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Driver's Stop at Lemonade Stand Leaves Big Impression on Five Small Kids

Driver Rhonda White's quick stop at a lemonade stand left a big impression on five small kids.

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Kindness Caught on Camera

A simple act plus a cell phone picture make for a heartwarming story.

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MCTS Security Helps Lost Boy

A lost boy found his way home thanks to the kindness of MCTS Security Officers

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Driver Helps Boy Get to School After Bike Accident

After a boy on a bike was clipped by a car, Felicia Moore was there to help.

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The driver (Dewayne Carrington) on Route 21 very kindly, patiently and with "unforced" respect, helped a quite elderly man with multiple bags to get his belongings smoothly off the bus and his bike off the front rack. It seemed like he was making sure the passenger knew where he was headed too, at a slightly complicated intersection. His positive attitude helped make the ride just a little nicer for everyone.

Thumbs Up for MCTS from International Riders

Lost Chinese Riders Helped by Alert MCTS Staff

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Man in Wheelchair Helped Out of Pothole

Driver races off of bus to help man in a wheelchair.

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MCTS Driver Helps Man Who Fell on the Ice

When a rider slipped on the ice and slammed to the ground MCTS Driver Tim Boone rushed to help.

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When Bad Weather Hits Milwaukee, Bus Drivers Step Up to Help

From a helpful hand to a kind gesture, when bad weather hits Milwaukee, MCTS drivers are there to help. Another story of #MCTSExcellence

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Adorable little girl makes friends with MCTS driver

A unlikely friendship - 4-year-old and bus driver bond every morning.

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Coming off ankle surgery last week, did not miss a beat riding with @RideMCTS. Real Time and the great operators make the service so easy to use. Thanks!!

Driving Angels

CBS 58 Calls MCTS Employees, 'Driving Angels'

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A big THANK YOU!!!! to all the drivers that carried us around yesterday/last night (St. Patrick's Day). Your dedication (and patience) helped us travel the roads safely. Thank you for all you do (and put up with : ) )! ❤️
Jenelle Hilbert‎
I'd like to thank Shenika for helping me when I slipped on ice and fell at Grafton Commons. I don't know how I would have gotten up without her help. She also convinced me to go to the ER since I had fallen on my face and had a nasty cut, bloody nose and possible concussion. She even offered to call for help (I told her I would call my husband). I can't thank her enough for coming to my rescue that day.
Lisa Swang

A Hero on a Snowy Day

MCTS Driver Michael Karges didn't know the woman who fell while crossing the slippery street, but he raced out to help her.

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