MCTS Excellence

For every employee of the Milwaukee County Transit System, MCTS Excellence is more than just a saying, it is a way of life. 

The MCTS Excellence program launched in 2017 as a unique way to recognize MCTS employees for their big and small acts of kindness. The initiative includes a popular video series, in which bus surveillance video is used to tell incredible stories that might not otherwise get told. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe have viewed or read about MCTS employees’ inspiring actions, thanks to the broad reach of social media, TV, radio, and newspapers.

We want to hear your stories of MCTS Excellence. If you see a bus driver or other MCTS employee going above and beyond, please let us know by filing a commendation for that person.

Check back here often because we will keep sharing new stories of MCTS Excellence!

MCTS Driver Spots Fire, Rushes into Burning Apartment

MCTS Driver Chanaye Brown is credited with helping save residents from a burning apartment building in Milwaukee.

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MCTS Driver, Police Team Up to Help Little Boy on Bicycle

MCTS Bus Driver Shamika Anderson spotted a little boy riding his bicycle alone in Greenfield on the morning of August 21, 2019. What started as a simple act of kindness, soon turned into a genuine concern about the child's safety.

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MCTS Drivers Find Two Lost Children on Same Day

MCTS bus drivers have received a lot of attention for helping lost children over the years, but this is a first! Cressida Neal and Cecilia Nation-Gardner each stopped their bus to help a child in need on July 5, 2019.

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MCTS Driver Helps Turtle Cross Road in Oak Creek

MCTS Driver Yaghnam Yaghnam was approaching the end of his route at MATC in Oak Creek when he spotted a turtle in the middle of the road.

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MCTS Driver Saves Little Boy Who Wandered Away from School

MCTS Driver Cecilia Nation-Gardner saved a little boy who was running through traffic after wandering away from school.

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MCTS Driver Helps Mom Find Baby's Lost Shoes During Snowstorm

MCTS Driver Vickie Foster helped a mom find her baby’s lost shoes during a snowstorm in Milwaukee on January 28th, 2019.

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MCTS Driver, Riders Team Up to Push Stuck Car Off Railroad Tracks

MCTS Driver Shenika Merrill was navigating a snowstorm when she spotted a car stuck in the snow on railroad tracks in Wauwatosa.

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MCTS Driver Rushes to Help Victim of Rollover Crash

MCTS Driver Shannon Johnson remained calm when he witnessed a rollover crash directly in front of his bus.

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MCTS vs. Polar Vortex & Snowstorm

January 2019's snowstorm & Polar Vortex were no match for MCTS’ incredible team of drivers, mechanics, dispatchers & other dedicated employees who kept our vital public service up and running!

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MCTS Driver Rescues Lost Baby from Freeway Overpass

MCTS Driver Irena Ivic rescued a lost baby that she spotted wandering alone on a freeway overpass on Milwaukee's south side.

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MCTS Driver Helps Woman in Wheelchair Carry Christmas Wrap, Get Home Safely

MCTS Driver Beau Wilhelm’s act of kindness will warm your heart this holiday season!

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Blind Student Helped By MCTS Customer Service Rep

When little Javon called MCTS for help planning his bus trip, he found a caring and kind voice on the other end of the line: Customer Service Representative, Anne.

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'Inside Edition' Highlights Hero Drivers of MCTS

The national TV show "Inside Edition" visited Milwaukee in December 2018 to film a segment about the MCTS Excellence program. 

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Time Magazine & ‘Ellen’ Recognize MCTS Driver

Time Magazine and the TV show ‘Ellen’ are each recognizing MCTS Driver Natalie Barnes.

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MCTS Driver Helps Homeless Man Find Housing

Natalie Barnes Honored for Remarkable Compassion

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MCTS Driver Helps Man Who is Blind

Camille Hayes was done for the night and heading back to the station when she saw a man who looked like he needed help.

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Milwaukee Bus Driver Rushes to Help Fallen Rider

When a bus rider fell crossing a busy street, she found help and comfort from a MCTS Driver

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Driver Slams on Brakes to Save Child

Jermaine Richmond's quick reaction likely saved a child's life.

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MCTS Driver celebrates Packers win

MCTS Driver Joanne Hankins is a proud Green Bay Packers fan and she loves seeing other fans while she's out on the road.

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I do firmly believe that MCTS has the best all-around transit app in the history of transit apps. It beats Ventra, Metro, every other app! Great work MCTS - keep it up!