MCTS Excellence

MCTS Excellence

MCTS Excellence - for every employee of the Milwaukee County Transit System it is more than just a saying, it is a way of life. 

Every year MCTS employees receive hundreds of commendations. MCTS management is proud of the great work of employees and every employee receives a formal letter of recognition for each commendation.

In March of 2017, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele formally recognized MCTS Excellence by Proclaiming the week of March 13 -19th, MCTS Excellence Week.

We want to hear your stories of MCTS Excellence. If you see someone practicing MCTS Excellence, please let us know by filing a commendation for that person.

Check back here often because we will keep sharing new stories of MCTS Excellence.

Driver Celebrates Job Well Done With Song and Dance

Kimberly Washington capped off a job well done with a quick song and dance, and it was all caught on camera!

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Driver Finds Lost 2-Year-Old Boy

MCTS Driver knew just what to do when he saw a 2-year-old boy standing outside in slippers all by himself.

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A vehicle ran the red light straight in front of the bus! Thank god we had a good driver who was alert and paying attention on the road. It could have been a deadly accident.
Caldena Blake

Driver Saves Packed Bus From a Bad Crash

When a driver on a cell phone ran a red light, MCTS Operator Danita Wilson only had seconds to react.

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Fond du Lac Garage Workers Help Save Duckling

The MCTS Maintenance Department is amazing at keeping our fleet running, but it turns out they also know a thing a two about taking care of ducks.

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Bus Drivers Hands Out Candy to Riders

MCTS Driver Mark Davis had a special way to celebrating his retirement.

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Drivers Help Strangers in Need

Two MCTS drivers saw people in need and they helped.

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I wanna give a shout out to the driver of bus 5182 this morning on Route 15. So friendly, so nice! Brightened my morning.

Driver and Police Officer Help a Lost 5-Year Old

Tiffani Lee had no idea the positive impact she was going to have when she pulled her bus over.

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Missing Elderly Man Found by Alert Bus Driver

"Not only was I trained to do this, I was raised to do this."

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Quick Action by Drivers Save Man's Life

Two MCTS Drivers are being credited for helping save a man who they found behind the wheel of his car, unconscious and in the middle of the street.

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Driver Finds Missing 5 Year Old Boy

On that bitter cold January night the little boy was only wearing a t-shirt, shorts and socks.

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Oh Deer! Driver Meets a Buck Up Close

Our drivers deal with all sorts of obstacles every day, but this is rare - a deer!!!

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Hero Alert: MCTS Security Officers Help Save Man From a Burning Car 🌠

Two MCTS security officers are being called heroes for helping save people from a burning car.

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Small Act of Kindness Makes Big Difference

On a windy day, Brett Roth's small act of kindness made a big difference.

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MCTS Driver Finds Lost Children

MCTS Driver Jeannie Mitchell’s alert reaction and maternal instincts helped save two Milwaukee children from a very scary situation.

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MCTS Helps Salvation Army Provide Comfort

"Thank you MCTS for partnering with the police to provide such a service. It did not go unnoticed!"

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MCTS Driver Stops Assault

MCTS Driver Anthony Brownlee doesn't consider himself a hero, but he should.

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"I recently got rid of a second car and started bus/bike commuting. I can not believe how easy it is, and I'm kicking myself for not having done this years ago. Schedules are detailed and accurate, and the bus times are dependable to within 2-3 minutes. Enjoying my bus commute and saving a great deal of money."
Jim Sullivan
"Destiny (Customer Service) was very polite, and she made my day. While I could not see her, I could feel her smile in our phone conversation and I truly appreciate her help and her professional attitude."
Kevin Winston