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Saint Kate CVP Case Study



Saint Kate is located in downtown Milwaukee and while this location is extremely convenient, the lack of parking and lack of affordable parking options is one of the main stressors for employees. By joining the CVP program, Saint Kate is able to offer an alternative for people who would prefer to avoid parking fees, traffic, and inclement weather. 


The CVP program is listed as a benefit when hiring new employees. Saint Kate emphasizes that this is not a program only for people who do not have a vehicle, this is a program for all employees. This is a great option for people who want to avoid traffic or winter weather driving. 

On-boarding new employees into the CVP program has been very simple for the administrative team at Saint Kate. “It is a matter of finding who needs to take advantage of the program, getting their information, and getting them enrolled with the payroll deductible forms,” says Camilla Sparks, Director of Human Resources. Maintaining the CVP program is very easy as well. Saint Kate is able to reach out to MCTS if any questions or issues do arise. 

What makes this case study unique?

“They don’t necessarily need to only use it during their scheduled work days. They can use it for other things too, so this not only helps with the scheduling portion of getting to work, but also their life - going to the store, running errands, picking up their children from school. So it is not just aiding in getting to work, but also all facets of their life as it relates to transportation.”


As an organization, Saint Kate prioritizes their employees and their employees’ well-being. Offering the CVP program to their employees is just one way that Saint Kate shows that they care. 


Employers can begin the program at any time. Simply email or call us at 414-343-1777 and let us know which date and time would be convenient for us to begin the enrollment process. Prior to the session, we’d like to meet with the program coordinator for 15 minutes to review our order process and invoice.