Create a Umo App account 

  1. Open the Umo App. 
  2. Tap Get started
  3. The Umo App notifies you that it wants to know your location, in order to assist you with transit options in your area: 
    • Tap Allow Once – to allow the Umo App to determine your location initially
    • Tap Allow While Using App – to allow the Umo App to always recognize your location while you’re using it 
    • Select Don’t Allow – to block the Umo App from determining your location

Tip: The Umo App works best when it can recognize your location – we suggest selecting Allow While Using App.

  1. Tap Continue and make your location selection.
  2. Select Allow to get live updates and allow notifications for real-time transit alerts, service updates and more.
  3. Tap Set up now to set up your account to buy your transit fares and get moving.