Bikes on Buses

Buses and bikes go together like Milwaukee and beer.

Whether you're an avid cyclist, riding for exercise or just looking for a fun way to get around, MCTS believes that buses and bicycles compliment each other perfectly. No matter how you ride, MCTS is making it easier to get around than ever before thanks to bike racks on the front of every bus in our fleet.

Using the Bike Rack

4 Easy Steps

  1. Squeeze the release handle and gently lower the rack.
  2. Lift your bike onto the rack. Fit your wheels into the slots.
  3. Raise security handle by pulling lever under the bike and place over top of front tire.
  4. To unload, lower handle using lever, remove bike & raise rack if there are no other bikes using it.
Ride Safe

Important Safety Tips

  1. Always tell the operator that you will be loading/unloading your bicycle. This is VERY important as blind spots may prevent the operator from seeing you.
  2. Remember, the operator must stay on the bus and will not be able to assist you with the rack.
  3. While you cannot lock your bike to the rack, you may want to lock your front wheel and frame together.
  4. MCTS assumes no liability for damage or injury incurred to bikes, personal property or persons using the bike racks.
Ride Smart

Smart Tips

  1. Bike racks can only carry two bikes at a time. They are available on a first come, first served basis. Please wait for the next bus if the rack is full.
  2. The racks support bikes with 16" & larger wheel. Recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, three-wheeled bikes & motorized bikes are not allowed.
  3. Try to sit near the front of the bus so you're able to watch your bike during your ride.
  4. Don't forget your bike! Remind the driver you need to unload your bike when you get off the bus.
Lost Your Bike?

Should you forget your bike on the rack, call MCTS Lost and Found at 414-937-3206 or 711 (TRS) and give us the route, location, date and time you lost your bike, as well as a description. MCTS will hold lost bikes for 14 days before donating them to a local nonprofit. Make sure to write down your bike’s serial number to help MCTS match your bike to you when you report it.

Bublr Bikes

Forgot your bike -- or don't have one -- but still want to explore the community on two wheels?

MCTS is continually working with our partners at Bublr Bikes to better connect people across Milwaukee County. Examples of our ongoing collaborations include:

  • More than 80% of Bublr stations are co-located with MCTS bus stops. Almost all of their remaining bike stations are within a block or two of a bus stop.
  • Bublr stations are announced via MCTS on-bus audio announcements.
  • The Buslr Pass is an integrated RFID pass that allows users to move seamlessly between MCTS and Bublr. Click here to buy one -- then just stick it on the back of your M•CARD!
  • MCTS is proud to sponsor a Bublr bike share station alongside Johnsons Park at 17th & Brown, across the street from the MCTS Administration Building.