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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. Please note that MCTS has adjusted its passenger limit from 10 to 15. The MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.


Rules for Riders

Riding MCTS is a safe, easy and convenient way to get to work, school, the store or a night out. Follow these simple rules and we’ll all ride a little easier.

Have correct fare or bus pass (and ID if necessary) ready when boarding.

In the priority seating area by the door, you are required to move for seniors and people with disabilities. They need that seat more than you do! (It’s okay to use this area as long as it is not occupied or needed).

Be a courteous rider by keeping seats free of feet, bags, umbrellas, etc. and don't take up more than one seat if the vehicle is crowded. Don’t block the aisles or doors and if you’re standing, move back so others can board.

Please keep all conversations – on your cell phone or with other riders – at a courteous volume. Refrain from excessive noise and vulgar or offensive language.

Service animals accompanying persons with disabilities are permitted on the bus. Non-service animals or comfort animals are allowed on the bus if it is in an enclosed carrier that fits on the passenger's lap.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol on the bus or in bus shelters is against the law. No e-cigarettes or vaping allowed.

Eating is not allowed in MCTS vehicles, but you can bring food and drinks on board in closed containers.

Report any suspicious behavior or packages to the driver. Alert the driver to any personal safety concerns you may have. For information about our Transit Watch program, click here.



To report non-emergency security issues call 414-937-3228 or 711 (TRS).

Passenger Rights

All Milwaukee County Transit System passengers have a right to:

  • A safe, comfortable and clean bus.
  • A courteous and knowledgeable bus operator.
  • Bus service that operates on schedule.
  • Easy access to accurate schedule information.
  • Have stops called at transfer points, major intersections, points of interest and other requested locations.
  • A timely response to all comments and concerns on all transit issues presented to MCTS.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect by all MCTS employees.
Passenger Responsibilities

All Milwaukee County Transit System passengers should:

  • Obey all posted rules, regulations and ordinances.
  • Respect other passengers and the driver.
  • Help keep the bus clean and free of trash, spills and graffiti.
  • Understand that service delays may result from circumstances that are beyond the control of the driver such as traffic delays or inclement weather.
  • Wear a shirt and shoes at all times. They are required.
  • Make sure children remain seated at all times.
  • Hold on to the handrails when moving to and from your seat.
  • Choose your seat quickly, and avoid changing seats while the bus is in motion.
  • If you must stand, move to the back of the bus and always stay behind the yellow line.
  • MCTS welcomes you and your baby. However, in the interest of passenger safety, please hold your baby on your lap. Please fold up your stroller before boarding the vehicle and try to keep it out of the way of other passengers.
  • Audio devices are allowed with the use of earphones or headphones at a reduced volume. Other passengers should not be able to hear what you are playing.
  • Use caution when going down steps and exiting the bus.
  • Never cross in front of the bus.