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Lost Boy Finds Help on MCTS Bus


Brandon Weathers was driving on a bitter cold night on December 30, 2017 when he saw a young boy lost, alone and cold. The temperature was -1 and the boy was only wearing a sweatshirt. Brandon quickly pulled over to help.

"I need to call my momma," the 10-year-old said as he ran onto the bus.

Once the boy was safely inside the bus, Brandon contacted dispatch to alert them of the situation. As they waited for help to arrive, Brandon and another passenger talked to the boy and tried to comfort him.

MCTS Security Officers quickly arrived and also checked to make sure the boy was not hurt. Security officers took the boy to their vehicle to stay safe and warm until police arrive.

Authorities say they boy was more than five miles away from him home. Thanks to Brandon the boy was safely reunited with his family.