MCTS Driver Saves a Child From Oncoming Traffic on Milwaukee's Most Dangerous Road


It was early in the afternoon when MCTS Driver Keyon F. saw something shocking. 


A small child was running into traffic on Capitol Drive, the most dangerous road in Milwaukee.


The young boy was barefoot wearing only a pajama shirt. Keyon knew the temperature was only in the 30s. 

Keyon quickly stopped his bus and ran toward the little boy, saving him from running into oncoming traffic. 

Keyon then called dispatch who alerted the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD). 

While waiting for help to arrive, Keyon stayed with the child, giving him a warm place to sit.


MPD came and took the boy to safety.


This is the fourteenth lost or missing child found by MCTS drivers in recent years.

Thank you, Keyon, and all the members of the MCTS team for your compassion and MCTS Excellence!