MCTS Driver Denise Wilson

Driver Finds Missing 5 Year Old Boy


Denise Wilson stopped around midnight on January 28, 2017 near 60th and Center in Milwaukee to take a break when she saw a 5 year old boy running in the street, crying that he was lost.

Denise's training and instincts kicked in and she brought the boy onto her bus to get warm and safe until police arrived.

On the bitter cold night the boy was only wearing shorts, t-shirt and socks. A stranger at a nearby gas station gave the boy a long sleeved shirt and Denise kept him warm on the bus, covering him with her coat.

Police say the boy wandered away from home and credit Denise for making sure a scary situation didn't go from bad to worse.

Denise's kindness and compassion was all caught on video. Watch the story below and check out the local news coverage: WTMJ 4, FOX 6, WISN 12, CBS 58. In 2017, Denise was invited to appear on NBC's game show "The Wall". That episode aired on October 28, 2020.