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MCTS Driver Saves Dog from Oncoming Traffic


In May of 2022, while driving Route 19 on MLK Jr. Drive & Concordia Ave., MCTS Bus Driver Rachel C. noticed a dog running in the street near her bus, narrowly avoiding being struck by numerous cars.  

Rachel quickly jumped into action and came to the aid of the lost dog.

“I went into mom mode,” she recalled. “I just ran out, and I believe I was just screaming ‘Stop! Stop!’ and tried to protect this little dog. Once we got to the other side of the street, I just grabbed her, and I just started cuddling her and making sure she was okay.”

Rachel went back to her bus and promptly contacted Dispatch for further assistance.      

Meanwhile, a good Samaritan pulled over after seeing Rachel save the dog from getting hit. The woman offered to take the dog to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC). MADACC is the only facility in Milwaukee County dedicated to taking in and caring for stray animals.

The dog has since been fostered to a new family. Since 1999, MADACC has helped to foster and adopt countless lost pets in the Milwaukee area.

“As a driver, I always tell people that we are the eyes and ears of the City of Milwaukee,” Rachel explained. “We see things that most people turn their heads to. We see a lot of what’s going on in the community. Being there and helping people…random strangers…you know, doing random acts of kindness. And hopefully some day they’ll pay it forward.”

Thank you for your vigilance and compassion, Rachel!