MCTS Driver, Police Team Up to Help Little Boy on Bicycle


MCTS Driver Shamika Anderson spotted a little boy riding his bicycle alone in Greenfield on the morning of August 21, 2019.

Shamika noticed that the child was hesitating along the sidewalk, possibly confused about what to do. 
She stopped her bus and opened the door. 

“Crossing the street? You can go ahead,” she told the boy.

When he still seemed unsure, Shamika decided to jump out of her bus and help guide the boy across the street safely.

But when Shamika later saw the same boy riding a couple miles away, she became concerned.

“Not only was he very young and alone, but he was traveling a long way and crossing some very busy areas,” Shamika said.

MCTS Dispatchers notified police as Shamika and a MCTS Route Supervisor caught up with the boy at 76th & Layton.

Officers arrived quickly and drove the boy back to his family’s home.

Thank you to Greenfield Police, Shamika, and the entire MCTS team for working together to make sure the child was safe.