Best Friends Make the Workplace Better

At MCTS, we have countless stories of employees who have made friends on the job. In honor of National Friendship Day, we talked to Bus Operators Victoria (Vicki) Black and Yelonda Nash who met while working at MCTS 15 years ago. The two show how valuable friendships are inside and outside of the workplace. 

Bus Driver Victoria Black and Yelonda Nash are best friends who keep each other uplifted and laughing. 


How did your friendship begin at MCTS? 

Vicki: We both met at Fiebrantz Station. At the time I was going through a series of changes in my personal life, including a divorce. We were talking about it all. There wasn’t a single crying moment and we've been friends ever since. 

Yelonda: Back then, Vicki was taking some medicine at night that made it difficult for her to wake up in the morning. I started calling her so that she got up on time. I always tried to encourage her. Our friendship really blossomed from there.  

She's wonderful to confide in. I was in somewhat of an awkward position because I had a husband who held a high position here. All eyes were always on me. Victoria accepted me for who I was. For me, that was huge. 


How do you grow your friendship outside of work?  

Yelonda: Vicki and I go on lunch dates at least once a week. We also like to go for girls’ weekend trips – Friday through Sunday. We pick a destination, go there, hang out, eat, shop, and drive around laughing and talking. 

Vicki: We love to go to Golden Corral and we love to shop! 


If you two were TV or movie characters, who would you be? 

Yelonda: We would be Laverne and Shirley! We’re very silly together but a good silly. 

Vicki: Thelma and Louise (laughs) – her husband named us that. Whatever we get into, we get into together! 


Who is the wisest? 

Yelonda: Vicki would probably say me. And because I have experienced a lot more than Vicki, I would probably say me. 

Vicki: Yelonda. 


Who is the funniest? 

Yelonda: Vicki! 

Vicki: We’re both funny. We laugh all the time! 


What is your favorite thing about your best friend? 

Yelonda: I’d say her humor, her love for me and her kindness. 

Vicki: She gives the best advice, is a good listener and she’s nonjudgmental.  

2.pngBus Drivers and best friends Yelonda Nash and Victoria Black are all smiles as they embark on a shopping trip.  


Did you know...  
MCTS is a place where employees stick around. Yelonda & Vicki are not only long-term friends, but they’re also long-time employees of our Transportation Department. Did you know that more than 60% of our staff have been at MCTS for 5 years or longer?! 

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