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We welcome RNC delegates and visitors from around the world to Milwaukee County. Note that from approximately Thursday, July 11-Friday July 19, security measures during the RNC will impact bus stops in the downtown area and traffic will impact service systemwide. Please expect delays and service changes with short notice. Visit for the complete list of stops served & interactive map with detour routing.


Ride MCTS From Your Hizzle to the Snoop Dogg Concert on June 15


Snoop Dogg is kicking off the Amplified Concert Series at Potawatomi on June 15, and you should ride the bus to get there. Can U Dig That? 

When you pull up on an MCTS bus to watch Snoop’s lineup, you don’t have to Sweat about driving. Trying to find parking Ain’t No Fun. You’ll feel Young, Wild and Free when you board the Route 24, leaving all your homies with their cars stuck in traffic. It’s a Doggy Dogg World out there, so You and Your Friends should take advantage of the hassle free and inexpensive MCTS ride to get to the show! When you’re ready to pay with your Umo app or WisGo card, just Drop it Like it’s Hot on the validator as you board. 

To plan your trip to the show, check out the Umo app or our Trip Planner at There you’ll also find the latest on WisGo fares and Real-Time Information, which means you’ll spend less time waiting for the bus and have more time to Let it Go and live the Boss’ Life.