MCTS Winter Service Changes Start December 3, 2023

MCTS Winter Service Changes Start December 3, 2023

Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) winter schedule changes go into effect on December 3, 2023. These service changes improve the reliability of service based on feedback from riders and bus drivers and increase the frequency of service. With construction season ending, other routes return to regular service.

More Service

The following routes will have more frequent service or additional trips:

  • CONNECT 1 BRT – Improved the frequency to every 20 minutes after 10:30 p.m. on Saturdays.
  • 14 – Added a late-night trip to accommodate workers leaving downtown.
  • 24 – Increased service to every 20 minutes on weekdays.
  • 30 – Increased service to every 20 minutes after 10:30 p.m. on Saturdays.
  • 31 – Increased service to every 30 minutes on Saturday evening.
  • 51 – Additional trips will travel to South Lake Drive to better serve residents and employees at a senior living facility.
  • 66 – Added a new High Frequency Route on Burleigh Street.  Improved frequency of service to every 15 minutes during weekdays to meet increased ridership demand.

Route or Stop Changes

The following routes or stops have been adjusted:

  • 18 – Route 18 will be extended on the eastern end north to the MSOE campus. The route will continue past Kilbourn Avenue going north on Water Street to Broadway and then south to Knapp Street next to MSOE’s Viets Field. The combination of Route 18, Route 15, and the GreenLine on Water Street/1st Street will mean buses will arrive on average every 5 minutes between National Avenue and Juneau Avenue.
  • 35 – Route 35's northern layover will be moved across the street. The layover will be changed from Teutonia and Good Hope (facing south) to Good Hope and Teutonia (facing west). A new bus stop will be added near the current layover stop so riders who transfer are within a short walking distance.
  • 92 – Route 92 will be reconfigured at its northern end between Bradley Road and Brown Deer Road. Instead of routing on Bradley Road between 91st Street and 107th Street to its endpoint at Heather. Route 92 will continue north on 91st Street past Bradley Road to Brown Deer Road, west on Brown Deer Road to 107th Street and south on 107th Street to its current end point. This change will better serve residents along Brown Deer Road as well as workers on 91st Street going to the nearby business park.

Return to Regular Schedule

With construction ending, the following routes will no longer be on detour:

  • 12 – Route 12 will return to its regular route.
  • 57 – Route 57 will return to its regular route.

Service Time Adjustments

Some service schedules have changed by just a few minutes so that they will arrive on time more often. Please check these routes for slight adjustments: Routes 11, 14, 15, 18, 19, 24, 30, 31, 51, 66, 68, 80, GreenLine, PurpleLine and the RedLine.

Visit for additional information. The Umo app will automatically update on December 3. Printed timetables are available on buses and racks located throughout the county and at MCTS stations. Schedule previews are available on