Waukesha Metro Announces Launch of WisGo

Today, Waukesha Metro welcomes public transit riders to WisGo, a new fare collection system that will modernize the rider’s experience. WisGo, powered by Umo, offers many new features such as more ways to pay, fare capping, and a smoother transfer to other regional transit options such as Milwaukee County Transit System. The app launches today, September 11, and the new WisGo cards start later this fall, exact date announced later. Riders will have until April 2024, to transition from the old fare system to WisGo. Cash is still an option and transfers will still be available, however, paying with cash does not afford the rider the great benefits of WisGo.

“We’re proud to make transit in the region easier through one, simplified payment system and look forward to modernizing how our people get to important destinations such as work, school and medical appointments through WisGo,” said Mayor Shawn N. Reilly, City of Waukesha

“I’m excited to see that many of our riders are already using WisGo within the Umo mobile app to connect to Milwaukee County. The feedback we’ve received from riders has been very positive,” said Brian Engelking, City of Waukesha Transit Manager.

Regional Connectivity

Waukesha Metro is the second transit agency to make the switch to WisGo. Milwaukee County Transit System was the first and other nearby transit agencies are preparing to switch. This will give Wisconsin transit riders one, easy way to pay.

A New Way to Pay 

Riders will have multiple ways to pay including the Umo mobile app which takes credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and WisGo cards. Riders simply scan the QR code on the Umo app screen or WisGo card, and the validator will automatically deduct the correct fare amount for each rider. If a rider reaches a fare cap, the validator will not deduct a fare. It will also tell riders if their fund balance is low.  

How to Get Started

Umo Mobility App

  1. Download the Umo Mobility app from the App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone.
  2. Add your device to your account.
  3. Load value into your virtual wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, debit card).
  4. Buy your fare at the validator when entering the bus.

WisGo Cards

New WisGo cards will cost $2 but will be free when first available for a limited time. WisGo cards will be available later this fall at the Waukesha Metro Transit Center and select retail locations in the Waukesha Metro service area.  More information will be provided on the WisGo Cards at a later date.   

New Fares with WisGo 

Waukesha Metro announced its new fares with the launch of WisGo:

  • Adult $2.00 Age 18 and over.
  • Youth $1.25 Same requirements as cash fare for eligibility.
  • Senior/People with Disabilities $1.00   Same requirements as cash fare for eligibility.

Introducing Fare Capping

WisGo caps bus fares. Riders pay as they go, saving money the more they ride, without the need to purchase a daily, weekly, or monthly pass. Once riders reach their cap, the rest of their trips are free within a specific time period.

The maximum amount a passenger will pay per time period is specified below. No pass is needed.




Seniors /People with Disabilities













Fare capping will apply to regular, reduced fare and youth riders when riding other participating WisGo transit agencies as well. For example, a passenger that reaches the Waukesha Monthly Adult cap of $50, will continue to ride free in Waukesha. When riding MCTS routes they will continue to be charged up to the MCTS Monthly Adult cap of $72, then ride free after that.

What’s Next with WisGo

Waukesha Metro has the following timeline:

  • WisGo Cards will be available in fall 2023 (exact date will be announced later)
  • Existing fare media can be used through April 30, 2024.  
  • WisGo Cards will be free when first introduced. A $2 charge will apply soon after.

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