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We welcome RNC delegates and visitors from around the world to Milwaukee County. Note that from approximately Thursday, July 11-Friday July 19, security measures during the RNC will impact bus stops in the downtown area and traffic will impact service systemwide. Please expect delays and service changes with short notice. Visit for the complete list of stops served & interactive map with detour routing.


Which MCTS Bus Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Aries: Route 31 
Aries are leaders who are known for being bold, adventurous, community-focused and enthusiastic. Because of this, we’re giving you the Route 31. The stops near the Intermodal Station, which can quickly help you get you to your next networking event in Chicago, as well as the MATC Downtown Campus, where you can snag your Business & Management Degree. 

Taurus: Route 51 
Taurus folks are known for being loyal, reliable and practical. We felt the best route to sum you up would be the trusty Route 51. As of this winter, it had a 92% on-time performance. Heading to Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Alverno College or the Piggly Wiggly in Bay View? It’ll get you there right when you need to be there.  

Gemini: Route 30 
It should come as no surprise that we’re giving the Route 30 to Geminis. The twins of the zodiac love their options, and the 30 has branches (e.g. Maryland, Downer), to get you to where you need to go. The more paths the merrier for these versatile commuters.  

Cancer: CONNECT 1 
These sensitive water signs are known for being emotional, nurturing, intuitive, and protective. We chose the CONNECT 1 for these folks because it goes past five hospitals, 8 hotels, more than 20 churches and even the Wisconsin Humane Society. You’ll never feel more nurtured.  

Leo: Route 57 
Leos are the creative type, charismatic, generous, proud and confident. That’s why we chose the Route 57. It travels through the Milwaukee Theater District. The 57 will get you to the Pabst Theater, Milwaukee Rep., and the Riverside Theater all in a matter of minutes. It also stops right in front of the Intermodal Station, which can take you to Chicago to see their Theater District.  

Virgo: Route 18 
Virgos are known for being analytical, meticulous and modest. We figured we’d pick our route that goes past the most accounting agencies. The Route 18 will also get you to the Milwaukee School of Engineering and MATC-West Allis Campus if you need to brush up on those math skills. 

Libra: Route 12 
Our balanced Libras love being diplomatic, sociable, empathetic and charming. The Route 12, which runs past both the Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center and the Milwaukee County Courthouse, seems like a perfect fit. It also runs past our pals at The Hop and Intermodal Station if you want to make a connection. 

Scorpio: Route 60 
Scorpios are natural detectives and are known for being independent, private, brave, determined and transformative. We thought the best fit was Route 60, which passes both a private investigator and the home of CBS News, where you’ll find many investigative journalists.     

Sagittarius: GreenLine 
Known as the adventurous sign, we don’t think anyone is shocked that the Sagittarius is the GreenLine, which gives you direct access to the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. With approximately 135 daily departures, any Sag will get their fill of spontaneity at MKE.  

Capricorn: BlueLine 
Capricorns are known for being responsible, disciplined, ambitious and goal-oriented. That’s why we chose the BlueLine, which takes you from the northwestern suburbs to the heart of Downtown Milwaukee, where you’ll find just about any job imaginable (including, ahem, the MCTS Admin Building). 

Aquarius: PurpleLine 
As the dreamers of the zodiac, Aquarius commuters can philosophize to their heart’s content on our longest north-south route, the PurpleLine. Even better still, Aquarius folks love innovation, so they will be happy to hear they can ride our newest bus rapid transit line, CONNECT 2 in the future. 

Pisces: Route 15 
As a creative water sign, we went for the obvious: The Route 15. The 15 snakes along Water and runs parallel to Lake Michigan for the entirety of its route. Pisces are also known for their creativity, which makes it perfect that the Route 15 also runs through the Third Ward, which is Milwaukee’s hub for art galleries, trendy restaurants, fashion and performing arts.