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Driver's Stop at Lemonade Stand Leaves Big Impression on Five Small Kids


A MCTS driver’s small act of kindness left a big impression on a Milwaukee family this summer. 

Rhonda White was driving along Route 19 near 20th and Wood on August 1st when she noticed a group of children who had set up a lemonade stand.

Rhonda pulled her bus up alongside the kids and waved. Their mother came over to the bus and asked, “What would you like?”

“I don’t want anything,” Rhonda replied, handing the woman a couple of dollars for the kids. 

Despite the 85-degree heat that day, Rhonda didn’t even want a glass of lemonade in return. With a big smile, Rhonda wished the kids good luck and continued on her way.

The children’s parents wrote in a few hours later saying, “Please let the driver know how much better she made five small children's day. We greatly appreciate MCTS and all they do!”

Thank you, Rhonda, for showing MCTS Excellence every day.