Art courtesy of Kristen Lopez

Bus Shelter Art Project

MCTS and Bus Art Project MKE are teaming up to spread art across Milwaukee County. The innovative program gives local artists access to the most exclusive canvases in town: MCTS bus shelters!

Bus Art Project MKE works with the artists and raises money to pay for the production and installation of the art.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced during the unveiling of the first shelter that he made a personal donation of $5,000 to the fundraising effort and he encouraged others to donate to the effort if they can.

See below for locations of the art shelters and to learn more about the artists and their visions.

The Unveiling

The first art shelter, 'Cluster' was unveiled on June 14, 2018 by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, artist CK Ledesma and Libby Olbrantz, the founder of the Bus Art Project MKE.


Artist: CK Ledesma

Location: North Avenue & Humboldt Boulevard, Milwaukee

Vision: “I’m thrilled to take part in the project because it intersects several interests of mine, community and art, as well as, representation through diversity. “Cluster” represents a gathering of faces with different colors, shapes, sizes and expressions; a vision of what our neighborhoods and communities can be through unity.”

'Raining on Your Parade'

Bus Art Stop at KK and Bay in Bay View

Artist: Charity Ekpo

Location: Kinnickinnic Avenue & Bay Street, Milwaukee

Vision: “I wanted to participate in this project because I think it’s a great way to continue showing just how creative Milwaukee is. That we’re capable of taking something people maybe wouldn’t normally consider exciting, and turning it into something fun and visually intriguing. Art is a great way to express yourself. I hope these awesome designs will inspire others to want to channel their creative side, and make something amazing for themselves and/or others to see.”

'Through the Haze'

Artist: Kristen Lopez

Location: Oklahoma Avenue & Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee

Vision: “I became a part of the Milwaukee bus project because it's a great way to connect all the neighborhoods of this city. I hope that it inspires people to take the bus to part of town they've never been before.”

'Colourful Serape'

Artist: Gloria Ruiz-Santos

Location: 6th & National Avenue, Milwaukee

Vision: “One of the main things about Mexico that I love are the colors, which is something I've always felt Milwaukee lacked. This project is a beautiful addition to add more color to the city. For my design I went for a 'serape' print to represent my proud heritage and to show some love to my fellow Mexicans in Milwaukee."

Video: Gloria Ruiz-Santos Talks About Her Artwork

'Flower Faces'

Artist: LaNia Sproles

Location: Center Street & Humboldt Boulevard, Milwaukee

Vision: "I wanted to remind people that they are worthy of happiness. That pain and vibrancy go together so that growth can follow."

'Girl in the Woods'

Artist: Libby van de Bunte

Location: Oklahoma Avenue & Howell Avenue, Milwaukee

Vision: "I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at a pretty young age, and it's something that I always carry with me. Last year, I told myself that I was going to put myself out there more in terms of my artwork. When offered the opportunity to be part of the Bus Project, I said yes immediately. For me, it's not only a chance to push myself far out of my comfort zone, it's also a chance to contribute to a growing and diverse community of MKE artists."

'Rooted in Nature'

Artist: Kasia Drake-Hames

Location: 10th Avenue & Milwaukee Avenue, South Milwaukee 

Vision: "This piece is inspired by the natural features in South Milwaukee including Grant Park, the beach and the Oak Creek. I would like people to consider our interconnectedness to nature every day. As a resident of South Milwaukee, I am deeply moved by the city's natural beauty and have enjoyed many hours exploring Grant Park with my family. I'm honored to have my design featured on our bus shelter, and I hope that it inspires others to explore the city's natural spaces.”