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MCTS Driver Helps Woman in Wheelchair Carry Christmas Wrap, Get Home Safely


MCTS Driver Beau Wilhelm’s act of kindness will warm your heart this holiday season!

It was below freezing on November 28th when Beau was driving along Route 48 in South Milwaukee and noticed a woman riding her motorized wheelchair in the busy street.

She couldn’t navigate the sidewalk because of snow and ice.

Beau stopped his bus, opened the door, and asked the woman if she wanted a ride. “Yes,” she replied quietly, prompting Beau to head outside to help her.

Beau carried in several rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that the woman was struggling to hold, then he went back outside to help her up the ramp and onto the bus.

Once she was inside safely, Beau drove the woman to her home down the road. Upon arrival, he gathered up the gift wrap, guided her outside, and wished her well.

Two passengers who were in the back of the bus noticed the good deed and praised Beau as he got back behind the wheel.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” one woman said. Beau laughed humbly, not wanting to make a big deal about his compassionate gesture.

“I thought it was so kind of him to help her,” one of the passengers later wrote to MCTS. “I know that sometimes sidewalks are not the easiest to navigate in the snow, so I cannot imagine what they are like when you’re in a wheelchair. I just thought it was so sweet of him to make sure she could get home safely on a cold winter night. He deserves a few props for that!”

Thank you, Beau, for your kindness and MCTS Excellence throughout the holidays — and all year long!