MCTS Drivers Find Two Lost Children on Same Day


MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus drivers have received a lot of attention for helping lost children over the years, but this is a first! On July 5, 2019, MCTS employees found two kids on the same day.

MCTS Driver Cressida Neal was driving the RedLine at 4:40 a.m. when she spotted a toddler alone near Capitol and Humboldt in Milwaukee. He was barefoot, scared and crying.

Cressida motioned for him to come onto her bus. She gave the boy water and comforted him until police officers arrived.

It turns out the little one was spending the night with his grandmother. He apparently wandered away in the early-morning hours and became lost. Police were able to take him back to his family.

Then, around 10:15 a.m., MCTS Driver Cecilia Nation-Gardner noticed a young girl walking along Route 15 in Cudahy. She was crying, wearing pajamas, slippers and holding a blanket.

The child told Cecilia that she was trying to find her mom, who lives in another state. While this was happening, the girl’s relatives were out looking for her. They soon arrived to the bus and took the youngster back home.

Cecilia may look familiar. Back in May 2019, she made international headlines for running into traffic to help a little boy who had wandered away from school.

A huge thank you to Cecilia, Cressida, and all MCTS employees for demonstrating kindness, compassion and MCTS Excellence every day.

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