MCTS Driver Rescues Lost Baby from Freeway Overpass


It was just before 8:00 a.m. on December 22nd, 2018, when MCTS Driver Irena Ivic saw something shocking in front of her bus.

A lost baby was wandering alone on a freeway overpass near 4th and Mitchell in Milwaukee. The girl, who appeared to be less than one-year-old, was barefoot and wearing just a onesie and diaper.

Irena stopped her bus, ran across the busy street, picked up the crying child, and carried her to safety.

As Irena called for help, a passenger gave up her coat to help keep the baby warm. The child was cold to the touch after spending time outside in the freezing temperatures.

Irena comforted the terrified youngster, who soon fell asleep in her loving arms.

Firefighters, police officers, and transit security officers arrived at the scene a short time later. Besides being cold and scared, the baby was unharmed.

Police say the girl had been left outside by her mother who may have been suffering from a mental health crisis. Authorities eventually reunited the baby with her father.

Irena says she’s just grateful that she was able to help.

This is the ninth lost or missing child found by MCTS Drivers in recent years. 

Thank you, Irena and all members of the MCTS team, for your compassion, commitment to the community, and MCTS Excellence.

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Editor's note: Police originally stated that the baby found during this incident was a boy, but they later said the baby was actually a girl.