MCTS Driver Finds a Scared, Lost Boy


MCTS Driver Eddie Dancy was driving on his Route 18 in March 2023 when a scared, lost boy boarded his bus looking for help.  


Following his training, Eddie informed MCTS Dispatch of the situation and asked them to contact police. 


As he waited for officers to arrive, Eddie comforted the boy, telling him everything would be okay and that MPD would make sure he gets home safe.

Eddie said he explained to the boy, "It ain't no bad thing for people to come see you...come and get you. They're just trying to take you to where you need to go. You gotta go to school tomorrow."


Once MCTS Dispatch and MPD arrived, they were able to talk with the boy to help get him safely back home.


"I just know he was in my care and I wanted to make sure he was in the right position...the right place to go home," Eddie said. 

This is the thirteenth lost or missing child that MCTS drivers have found in recent years.


Thank you Eddie and all the members of the MCTS team who are serving the community every day.

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