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MCTS Driver, Riders Team Up to Push Stuck Car Off Railroad Tracks


MCTS Driver Shenika Merrill was navigating a snowstorm on February 12th, 2019, when she spotted a car stuck in the snow on railroad tracks in Wauwatosa.

“Somebody needs to help get that person off the tracks,” Shenika can be heard saying in surveillance video. “That’s very dangerous.”

Shenika stopped her bus and ran outside to help. One by one, several of her riders joined the effort to push the car out of harm's way.

The woman in the car, who was trying to get to work at an area hospital, wrote MCTS to say:

“I was doing everything I could to get unstuck. I was ready to call a tow truck when a MCTS bus pulled up behind me. This lady, bless her heart, stopped her bus and was so worried about me. She gathered everyone she could and they pushed me out of the snow until I regained traction. This wonderful deed made such a great impact on me. Thank you! You are the reason I got to work today to help save lives. We need more beautiful souls like yours.”

Thank you, Shenika and all of her amazing riders, for your kindness, compassion, and MCTS Excellence.

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