Happy B-Day, MKE! Ride MCTS to Visit the Companies That Made Milwaukee



What’s more Milwaukee than beer, motorcycles and frozen custard? Not much! Join us in celebrating Milwaukee’s birthday by visiting some of our great city’s institutions!   

Download the Umo app, get ready to board, then buy a 24-hour fare, and head out on a self-guided bus tour of some of the businesses that helped make Milwaukee what it is today!


Cousins Subs 

Cousins Subs was established in 1972 when two cousins, Bill Specht and Jim Sheppard in 1972, wanted to bring their favorite east coast sandwich, the submarine sandwich, to Milwaukee. Now, over 50 years later, the fast-casual, family-owned restaurant has more than 100 locations across the Midwest and continues to be driven by their belief that quality has no substitute.  

Have a hankering for their classic meatball and provolone? Well, we serve 20 of their locations. In fact, hopping on almost any of our routes will get you to one: 

  • 14 
  • 15 
  • 18 
  • 20 
  • 22 
  • 28 
  • 30 
  • 31 
  • 51 
  • 53
  • 54 
  • 55 
  • 57 
  • 58 
  • 66 
  • 68 
  • 76 
  • 80 
  • 92  
  • BlueLine 
  • GreenLine 
  • RedLine 
  • PurpleLine  

Where: ~20 locations across Milwaukee 
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 Founded in Milwaukee during the first decade of the 20th century, Harley-Davidson Inc, often referred to as “H-D” or “Harley,” is America’s longest-running and most successful motorcycle manufacturer. Harley-Davidson motorcycles, or "Harleys", are noted for the tradition of heavy customization that gave rise to the chopper style of motorcycle. Their museum, also located in Milwaukee, is the only Harley-Davidson Museum in the world, and whether you’re a devoted biker or just interested in learning more about an American institution, you’ll find plenty to explore.  

Take Route 19 or 80 to visit the Harley-Davidson museum.  

Where: 400 W. Canal St. 
More Info: Harley-Davidson Museum  


Kopp’s Frozen Custard 

 Kopp's Frozen Custard is a restaurant chain located in the Milwaukee that specializes in frozen custard and large "jumbo" hamburgers. Founded by Elsa Kopp in 1950, the restaurants continue to be heralded by local publications for their quality food. They have locations in three Milwaukee suburbs. Kopp's was the first custard stand to offer a special "flavor of the day" in addition to the more traditional flavors.  

Kopp’s now has two Milwaukee-area locations accessible by MCTS: Greenfield (Routes 24, 55 & 76) & Glendale (Route 68). You can also access the location of the original food stand at 6005 W. Appleton Ave. (now the home of JJ Fish & Chicken) by taking Route 57 or 60. 


  • Greenfield Location: 7631 W Layton Ave. 
  • Glendale Location: 5373 N Port Washington Rd. 
  • Original Location (now the home of JJ Fish & Chicken): 6005 W. Appleton Ave. 

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Miller Brewing Company was founded by Frederick Miller in 1855 after his emigration from Germany. The company originated as Plank Road Brewery, established near what is now State & 41st Streets. Molson Coors acquired the portfolio in 2016, and currently operates the Miller Brewery at the site of the original brewing complex.  

Take Route 31 to visit the Brewery, Bavarian-Style Miller Inn and the Historic Caves.    

Where: 4251 W State St. 
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Joseph Schlitz migrated to the United States in the 1850’s, settling in Milwaukee, where he was employed in a brewery operated (established in 1849) by a man named August Krug. Schlitz bought the brewery after Krug died unexpectedly in 1856, and married his widow, Anna Maria Krug, in 1858.  For the next several years the company's business expanded rapidly, and in 1874 it was reorganized and incorporated as the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. In 1875, Schlitz was lost at sea in a fog while returning for a visit to Germany, and with his death, control of the firm passed into the hands of the Uihlein family. The Schlitz brand lives on in the portfolio of the Pabst Brewing Company.  

Nowadays, among the many bars you can visit to taste the beloved Schlitz beer, you can hop on an MCTS bus to the Schlitz Business Park, the former home of the brewery complex, and visit the one million square feet of business space which includes spacious parking lots, green spaces and is just steps from the Milwaukee River. 

Take Route 57 to get there. 

Where: Schlitz Park, headquartered at 1555 N. Rivercenter Dr. 
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Rockwell Automation  

Rockwell Automation was founded in 1903 as the Compression Rheostat Company by Lynde Bradley and Stanton Allen with an initial investment of $1,000. In 1910 the company was renamed the Allen-Bradley Company. From there, Rockwell Automation went through a series of spin offs and acquisitions. Today, Rockwell Automation has become the largest company in the world that is dedicated to industrial automation and information. 

While they keep their offices pretty tightly secured, you can still visit the Allen-Bradley clock tower at the location of Rockwell Automation’s headquarters. Take Routes 15, 56 or the GreenLine to get there! 

Where: 1201 S 2nd St. 
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Usinger’s Famous Sausage 

Fred Usinger, an apprentice sausage maker from Germany, emigrated to Milwaukee in the late 1870s. Usinger found work at a small butcher shop on Third Street owned by a Mrs. Julia Gaertner. After approximately a year, Usinger purchased Gartner's business and married her niece, Louise. The couple grew the business and, eventually, their sausage was being shipped nationally. Today, the company is recognized as America's finest sausage.  

Are your tastebuds watering for some of their delicious snack sticks or summer sausage? Ride Route 19 to grab some at the site of the original store, where they adhere strictly to the original family recipes! 

Where: 1030 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr. (formerly Old World Third Street) 
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Sprecher Brewery was founded in 1985 in Milwaukee by a man named Randal Sprecher and is Milwaukee's first craft brewery since Prohibition. Sprecher produces an assortment of beers, flavored malt beverages, and craft sodas, and is best known for its root beer. Sprecher actually brews more root beer than all of its alcoholic beers combined! 

While they’re no longer technically located in Milwaukee proper, you can take the Route 68 up to their location in Glendale.  

Where: 701 W Glendale Ave. 
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The history of the Pabst Brewing Company starts all the way back in 1842 when Jacob Best, Jr. and his brother, Charles Best, immigrated to Milwaukee from Germany. Two years later, Jacob Best, Sr. created the brewery of Best and Company with his four sons, Jacob, Jr., Charles, Phillip and Lorenz being partners in the new enterprise. Production in these early days consisted only of 18 barrels per batch, or only 300 barrels per year! In 1850, Charles and Lorenz Best left the family business to start their own brewery, which they named the Plank Road Brewery and eventually became known as the Miller Brewing Company when it was purchased by Frederick Miller. Jacob Best, Sr. retired in 1853, and by 1859, Phillip was the sole proprietor, thus changing the name to the Phillip Best Brewing Company. Best’s eldest daughter, Maria met Frederick Pabst in 1860 and married him two years later. Pabst sold his business and took a partnership in the brewery in 1863. In 1889 Pabst changed the name of the company to Pabst Brewing Company.  

Today, the Pabst company is still thriving in Milwaukee. You can visit numerous locations that bear the name, including Pabst Mansion (Routes 30 or CONNECT 1 BRT), the Pabst Theater Routes 15, 18, 57 or GreenLine) and the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery (Routes 31 or 33).  


  • Pabst Mansion: 2000 W. Wisconsin Ave. 
  • Pabst Theater: 144 E Wells St. 
  • Best Place: 917 W Juneau Ave. 

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Northwestern Mutual

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company has been providing financial services and insurance options since it was founded in 1857 as the Mutual Life Insurance Company of the State of Wisconsin. Northwestern Mutual delivers financial security to more than 4.6 million people with life, disability income, and long-term-care insurance, annuities, and brokerage and advisory services. The company manages more than $161 billion in investments owned by its clients and held or managed through its wealth management and investment services businesses.  

Check out the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons by hopping on a Route 14, 30 or CONNECT 1 BRT. The views from the 550-foot, 32-story skyscraper are breathtaking; the building, built in 2017 features meeting areas, training facilities, dining and public spaces overlooking the newly enhanced three-acre Northwestern Mutual Gardens 

Where: 805 E Mason St. 
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