How to use Real-Time Bus Arrival Information

MCTS Real-Time Information gives you real-time arrival information for buses so you have a better idea of when your ride is coming. You can access it by phone, on the web or on a mobile device.

Using satellite tracking on buses, Real-Time estimates when the next vehicle will arrive, based on its scheduled speed and last reported location.

If it can’t make an accurate prediction, Real-Time will show the scheduled time instead.

How to access Real-Time Bus Arrival Information:

Arrivals by Umo app

Arrivals by web

Arrivals by text 

  • Text MCTS and the three or four bus stop ID number to 41411
    • Make sure to leave a space between MCTS and the bus stop ID
    • Standard text messaging and data rates apply

*Text Example

Arrivals by phone

  • Call 414-344-6711
  • Press #2 for "Real-Time stop arrival information."
  • Enter the three or four digit bus stop ID number
  • You will get the route number, bus number and the predicted arrival time at that stop and a list of the next three buses arriving at that bus stop.
Real-Time FAQs

How accurate is the real-time estimate?

  • Real-Time arrivals are based on where the bus is and an estimate of how long it will take to get to your stop. However, estimates can be impacted by things outside of our control. Delays due to road detours, traffic incidents, construction, weather or equipment problems may affect the accuracy of estimated arrival times. That is why sometimes you might see an arrival time increase from 5 to 10 minutes.  

    We recommend you get to your bus stop a few minutes before the estimated arrival.

How can I find the actual arrival time of my bus?

  • Select “By Stop ID” and type in your stop number and select “Find Route” to display bus arrival information for that stop. If you do not know your bus stop number, choose your route by clicking "By Bus Route," selecting your route, direction and stop description from the drop down boxes. You can then record your bus stop number for future reference.

How do I find the location of my bus?

  • Click the "Live Bus Map" button and select the desired route with the "Select Route" drop down box. The route that has been selected will be highlighted and will show the current location of the buses on the route.

What is the tech behind Real-Time? Is it magic? Elves? The Force?

  • Nothing supernatural about it! Every bus is connected to our Real-Time Info via GPS. The location is updated every 15 to 30 seconds so the estimates are very accurate.